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Akita Design
Akita Design Akita Design
Akita Design
Akita Design

Norm’s love for timber framing started in 1983, having the opportunity to work on the Motherwell Homestead National Historic site in Saskatchewan. He was amazed by the traditional joinery, timber size, how it was all cut by hand, and that it had been done this way for hundreds of years. He thought, “Such a beautiful barn to house horses – really – everyone should be so fortunate to live in such a majestic building!” So, Norm decided to build a timber frame for himself.

In 1991, he opened Pride Timber Frames in Manitoba, and since then has been raising frames all over Canada, from Vancouver Island to Niagara Falls, and in the USA. Upon the sale of Pride in 2005, Akita Design was established so that Norm could continue designing, carving and training others in the craft that he so loves. With the arrival of three beautiful grandchildren, Thunder Bay became his home, and maybe one day, it will be their passion too.

Along with Outlast Frames’ portfolio of projects and our past projects, we look forward to helping others realize their dream of adding this beautiful craft to their living spaces.

Akita Design Akita Design Akita Design

Whether helping you design your project or just supplying your contractor with Canadian lumber cut locally, we will do what we can to add some of our beautiful craftsmanship to your next build.

A cost-effective timber frame is created by designing the frame within the floor plan, by using the timbers to their fullest potential and by integrating timber bents to clear span a room or carry a second floor. You can have timbers in every room or just in the rooms you feel you would enjoy them the most. By designing the home with you, or working with your existing plans, we can advise which timber designs could fit within your budget.

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